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From: Karl Rexer
Date: 10 August 2007
Subject: Rexer Analytics Data Miner Survey Summary Report

Thank you to everyone who participated in Rexer Analytics’ 2007 data miner survey. Thank you also to everyone who forwarded the survey link to other data miners. Your efforts helped us gather data from over 300 data miners. Attached is a summary of the research findings.


  • 27-item survey of data miners, conducted on-line in early 2007
  • 314 responses from individuals in 35 countries
  • Regression, decision trees and cluster analysis were the most commonly used algorithms (mean number of algorithms used: 6.8)
  • Top challenges data miners report are dirty data, data access, and explaining data mining to others
  • SPSS, SPSS Clementine, and SAS are the three most frequently utilized tools (mean number of tools used: 4.5)
  • There is increasing interest in the Oracle Data Mining tool, and decreasing interest in C4.5/C5.0/See5
  • The primary factors data miners consider when selecting an analytic tool are: 1) the dependability and stability of software, 2) the ability to handle large data sets, and 3) data manipulation capabilities
  • The findings vary somewhat depending on the domain in which the data miner works, the tools used, geography, and several other dimensions
A second annual data miner survey is planned for early 2008. We welcome all feedback and suggestions that can help make this research maximally informative.

This research was conducted as a service to the data mining community. It was not conducted for, or sponsored by, any third party. Rexer Analytics is committed to freely disseminating our research findings through report summaries, conference presentations, and personal contact. Questions about this research can be directed to Karl Rexer at [email protected].

Best regards
Karl Rexer

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