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From: Dan Steinberg
Date: 04 Nov 2007
Subject: CART on Numb3rs TV show

Lat week's episode of Numb3rs involves use of decision tree analysis, and references CART by name. The script manages to confound the machine learning sense of decision tree with the decision support/decision logic sense and it switches from one of these forms of a decision tree to the other as if they were the same, but the fact that it shows up at all is further evidence that data mining technology is edging into popular consciousness.

See http://numb3rs.wolfram.com/406/

Using the link above, if you scroll down to "Scene 12" you will see the reference to CART.

They do reference "CART (Classification And Regression Tree) analysis, a term first introduced by Breiman et al. in 1984" on the web site, but not in the dialog which is also on the page. They even have a tree diagram that the character used in the scene.

If you want to watch the episode you can catch past episodes at:


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