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Subject: New Book: Data Analysis Using SQL and Excel

Data Analysis using SQL and Excel, (www.data-miners.com/dataminingsqlserver) by Gordon Linoff, shows business managers and data analysts how to use the relatively simple tools of SQL and Excel to extract useful business information from relational databases. The book is organized around chapters that become increasingly complex in the use of SQL, Excel, and data mining concepts. Each chapter will explain:

  • Why and when to perform a particular type of business analysis to obtain a useful business result How to design and perform the analysis using SQL and Excel
  • What the results look like in SQL and Excel
Throughout the book, there will be hints, warnings, and technical asides about Excel, SQL, and data analysis/mining. All examples in the book will have adjoining SQL and Excel code; the SQL will be available in both T-SQL and mysql. Appendixes showhow non-standard constructs are implemented in other major databases, such as Oracle and IBM DB2/UDB. A second appendix will also explain how to run the examples in the book.

The companion website will include data sets and the examples used in the book for reference, particularly many of the data sets and Excel spreadsheets used for illustrations and examples.

Here is the link to order the book:


Authors Bio: Gordon Linoff is co-author (with Michael Berry) of the two best-selling data mining books geared to business analysis--Data Mining Techniques, 2E, and Mastering Data Mining. He is a co-founder of Data Miners, a consulting company that specializes in data mining and data analysis.

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