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From: JH
Date: 18 Nov 2007
Subject: Seattle, WA (Downtown, Pioneer Square): Development Lead - Machine Learning/AI group, Smart Desktop at Smart Desktop Division, Pi Corporation

The Smart Desktop Division of Pi Corporation is looking to hire a Development Lead for the Machine Learning/AI product and research group.

The Smart Desktop Division is building software that addresses the problem of information overload on your computer. Files, Web links, and e-mail can overwhelm you as these items accumulate. Smart Desktop software uses innovative machine learning algorithms to organize and quickly find the information on your computer. Smart Desktop learns how you work, and creates a more intuitive and natural portal into your information, abstracting away the user's need to know disk storage location. With Smart Desktop, you get to your information faster and recover from interruptions more efficiently. http://www.smartdesktop.com .

Smart Desktop currently integrates with the most commonly used software applications, such as the Microsoft Office suite, Windows Explorer, and the Internet Explorer and Firefox Web browsers. In addition, our public API enables a wide range of Smart Desktop-connected applications.

Job Duties:

  • Serve as development lead for all AI/machine learning in the product
  • Lead the design of new and improved learning algorithms for today's product
  • Lead the research of potential future learning algorithms
  • Manage and lead the implementation of machine learning components
  • As part of the Dev Lead Committee, work with other Dev Leads to make core architectural decisions for the entire product.
  • Work closely with executive management, program management, QA, and other dev leads to create requirements for machine learning components and communicate machine learning tradeoffs
  • Work with world-renown machine learning researchers at a University lab to identify promising new approaches
  • Work with user interface designers/developers to ensure that machine learning approaches applied fit well with the user experience
Required Background:
  • M.S. in computer science, statistics, or mathematics with statistical learning focus or equivalent experience
  • Deep experience with multiple different classes of learning algorithms and strong familiarity with the concepts and vocabulary of machine learning
  • Deep experience evaluating the accuracy and appropriateness of competing algorithms and incrementally improving algorithms based on empirical data.
  • 10+ years experience as a software developer
  • Must be comfortable in following academic research on machine learning and reading journal articles in the field.
  • Strong communication skills - must be able to communicate the complexities of machine learning algorithms to executives, product management, marketing, and QA.
This is an extraordinary opportunity to work with a close-knit team of around 20 people, including an executive team with a substantial success record. You would be part of building a challenging product that offers a new approach to desktop information management. We work on short (less than a year) yet realistic product release milestones and are creating a product that will benefit many of your friends and family.

The Smart Desktop division is located within Seattle, in historic downtown Pioneer Square, surrounded by a fantastic diversity of good restaurants and services. Compensation includes competitive salary and equity. Employee benefits include health care, bus passes, and subsidized health club memberships. The Smart Desktop division is led by John Forbes, former VP of Technical Products at Visio. Pi Corporation is funded by Warburg Pincus, one of the largest venture capital funds in the world, and led by Paul Maritz, former leader of the Windows, Office, and Platforms (.NET) groups at Microsoft.

Keywords: Smart Desktop, SmartDesktop, machine learning, artificial intelligence, software development lead, research, development, engineering manager, user interface design and development, TaskTracer, Pi Corporation, Pioneer Square, downtown, equity, foosball table.

To apply, please send an email with your resume in PDF, Word, or text format to jobs@smartdesktop.com .

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