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Yahoo! Unleashes Teraflops of Processing Power for Research

SciAm, November 13, 2007, By Larry Greenemeier.

Yahoo!'s M45 supercomputing cluster, along with Google-inspired open-source software, could dramatically improve analysis and understanding of astronomy, financial services and Web traffic.

A given in the world of information technology is that the amount of data is only going to grow over time. But how can academics and computer scientists make sense of the mountains of information -- whether astronomic calculations from a distant satellite or a study of Internet traffic -- if they do not have access to a computer capable of handling such large loads?

Yahoo!, Inc., this week offered its vast computing resources to assist with academic pursuits that require a massively parallel computing environment. Parallel computing involves breaking down extremely large sets of data and distributing them to different interconnected computers for simultaneous processing and analysis. Yahoo is offering the service via a cluster of 4,000 computer processors it refers to as M45 running software, also known as Hadoop, an open-source distributed file system and parallel execution environment that lets its users process massive amounts of data.

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