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Virgin Media Dials Up the Right Numbers with KXEN

Quad play media company opts for advanced data mining.

Reading, England (PRWEB) November 26, 2007 -- Virgin Media - Britain's only quad play provider of TV, broadband, phone and mobile - has chosen data mining technology from KXEN to help it target, cross sell and up sell to its almost 10 million customers. Virgin Media analysts will be using KXEN's technology to improve the accuracy and relevance of ongoing CRM initiatives.

Bringing together ntl, Telewest, Virgin Mobile and Virgin.net - and their respective customers - into a single organisation left Virgin Media with a unique challenge: how best to package and offer new services to those customers, while at the same time complying with a mandate to reduce the breadth and number of direct mailings.

The sheer scale and complexity of the task called for a very special solution. For Virgin Media it came in the shape of the KXEN suite of analytics software. "It was quite complicated to deal with all the different products and the different opportunities for selling them, as well as reducing the volume of direct mail. What we needed to do was build some analytical models quickly, and using KXEN, this is something you can do very easily. Some analytics solutions take a long time to prepare the data and build the models but KXEN does it a lot faster," explains Virgin Media's Elsa Lebrun-Grandie.

KXEN will help the Virgin Media team by segmenting and targeting those customers most likely to buy new services or upgrade those services they already have. In this way the volume of mailings can be reduced while at the same time increasing response rates.

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