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From: Tami Galvan
Date: 05 Mar 2008
Subject: San Jose, CA: Manager-Statistical Modeling (Statistician) at eBay

There are 3 positions available for the Manager, Statistical Modeling: 24765, 24637 and 24636

Manager-Statistical Modeling (Statistician)
The major function of this Analytical role in the EDA (Experimental Design & Analysis) team is to drive business decisions for various business units -- including but not limited to Finding(Search) & Advertising -- using Modeling, Statistics, Design of Experiments, Testing & Analyses. Key tools & methods used in the group are JMP, SAS, SQL, Excel, MS Office, etc. Domain knowledge in the field of Design of Experiments (DOE) and the associated statistical techniques for analysis (eg: ANOVA) is key.

The person will help in identifying the full set of onsite opportunities, estimating the revenue impact of various potential & alternative product rollout changes on eBay, mining the entire reservoir of eBay data assets as a source of insight on improved eBay user experience, deploying relevant analytical & statistical tools , and developing pragmatic and efficient methods for identifying key optimization opportunities.

The work of the Sr. Manager, Statistical Modelingr will enable a fuller understanding of user experience and competitive Search and/or Advertising activities on the eBay website, and the related performance of the eBay business globally. The successful candidate for this role will utilize a broad range of quantitative techniques -- data programming (SQL) as well as statistical methods and mathematical models -- on a wide range of quantitative projects guided by the strategic program roadmap. As a critical analytic resource within the team this will be a key role anticipated to contribute significantly to the overall success of the team.

This role requires a strong proficiency in one or more quantitative disciplines such as statistics, econometrics, operations research, applied mathematics, quantitative methods, research methodology, financial engineering, etc

Skills required:

Advanced expertise using analysis tools in statistical programming (such as JMP, SAS, SPSS, or R/S-PLUS, etc) or in mathematical modeling (such as Matlab, Mathematica, or similar) is required. Working knowledge with data management queries and related applications such as the following is desirable: SQL, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Access, VBA.

Demonstrated ability to produce complex analyses on a rigorous schedule under suitable supervision. Strong written and verbal communications skills and the ability to present to multi-disciplinary audiences on a regular basis.

Understanding the key elements of eBay’s Marketplaces business, paying particular attention to the objectives and operational details of the entire set of Finding & Advertising optimization alternatives on the various eBay platforms

Supporting detailed cross-functional work with other business teams -- managers and analysts - to identify the established and planned Finding & Advertising processes on the eBay platforms. Devise suitable quantitative models that will deliver clarity of understanding, permit valid inferences, and have functional predictive capability in optimizing Finding & Advertising performance on a global basis.

Tami Galvan, tgalvan@ebay.com

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