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Catching an Online Poker Cheater with Data Mining

February 29th, 2008 | by Nathan Danforth |

My good friend, who has made a successful second career out of professional poker online and live, alerted me to this incredible story. As you may have noticed, Internet poker experienced a surge in participation as The World Series of Poker on ESPN grew mainstream popularity.

Until recently, all online poker players had complete trust in the poker site they frequented... that there couldn't possibly be cheating.

Then... it happened.

A real cheater.

Stealing money from legitimate players.

Lots of money! Like half a million dollars!

How were they able to catch the guy? If you said Data Mining and/or Statistics... go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Check out Absolute Poker Cheats to get the full version... or read on for the basics.

I'll start with how they caught the guy.


Poker Cheat Outliers graph 2

The red dot in the top right corner is the cheater, who is winning at a rate of 15 standard deviations above the mean.

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