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From: Bernhard Kuchinka
Date: 11 Mar 2008
Subject: New Viscovery SOMine version 5.0 is now available!

March 2008 - Version 5.0 of the proven Viscovery SOMine data-mining tool is now available.

Self-Organizing Maps powered by Viscovery

The data mining vendor Viscovery Software GmbH releases the new and fundamentally extended version 5.0 of its popular Viscovery SOMine data mining tool at particularly attractive conditions.

Exploratory Data Mining with Self-Organizing Maps

Viscovery SOMine is the worldwide leading implementation of data mining based on Self-Organizing Maps combined with statistics. The new and completely re-engineered version of Viscovery SOMine now also offers the proven Viscovery workflow system, which unerringly guides the user to the analysis results.

In addition to comprehensive descriptive statistics, the new version provides principal component analysis, correlation matrices and comprehensive graphical statistics such as histograms, scatter plots and box plots. Direct access to the original data records underlying the Self-Organizing Maps and their complete statistics is provided context sensitive during the analytical workflow and through the visual user interface of Viscovery SOMine.

Free 30-day trial license

Viscovery is offering fully functional 30-day trial licenses at www.somine.info for users to explore the enhancements and capabilities of Viscovery SOMine 5.0 for free.

About Viscovery Software GmbH

As one of the first data-mining companies in Europe, Viscovery (formerly eudaptics software gmbh) is among the leading vendors of predictive analytics solutions. Since September 2007 Viscovery has been part of the Biomax group.

The Viscovery suite contains unique patented technology for exploratory analysis and statistical modeling of complex data. Comprehensive workflows support the generation of high-performance predictive models, which can be integrated in real time and updated automatically.

For many years, the Viscovery software has been used by more than 300 customers in diversified areas ranging from banking, insurance, telecommunications, industry, media and retail to research organizations and universities.

For more information visit www.viscovery.net.

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