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From: Peter C. Bruce
Date: 14 Mar 2008
Subject: Online Data Mining Courses at statistics.com

Statistics.com offers a wide range of online courses in data mining and statistics. Participants can ask questions and exchange comments with instructors (noted experts) via a private discussion board over a 4-5 week course. All courses involve hands on homework with individual feedback.

Coming up soon:

  • Apr 11 - May 9: "Microarray Analysis in R" with S. Purohit & S. Deshmukh
  • Apr 25 - May 23: "Logistic Regression" with J. Hilbe
  • Jun 20 - Jul 18: "Text Mining" with N. Indurkhya and F. Damerau
  • Sep 12 - Oct 10: "Data Mining 1" with T. Babinec
Other courses include:

  • Decision Trees and Rule Based Segmentation
  • Cluster Analysis
  • Discrete Choice (Conjoint) Analysis
  • Natural Language Processing
And 50+ courses in advanced and introductory statistics. Faculty include
  • Nitin Indurkhya and Fred Damerau (authors of Text Mining, Wiley),
  • Joseph Hilbe (ASA Fellow and author of texts on generalized linear models and logistic regression, CRC Press),
  • Anthony Babinec (as Director of Advanced Products Marketing at SPSS; he worked on the marketing of Clementine and introduced CHAID, neural nets and other advanced technologies to SPSS),
  • and more.
Check the calendar and complete course descriptions at http://www.statistics.com .

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