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Expert System Helps "Autostrade per l'Italia" Sort, Classify and Streamline Email Traffic

Semantic Software for the Management of Electronic Mail Improves Customer Care and Reduces Operative Costs for Largest Motorway Management Company in Europe

June. 23, 2008, NEW YORK, NY - Expert System, leading provider of semantic software that discovers, classifies and interprets text information, today announces Autostrade per l'Italia (Italian Motorways) has implemented COGITO Contact to increase the efficiency of its customer service and support operations. Using semantic recognition and analysis, COGITO Contact has provided an automatic categorization and sorting system for Autostrade per l'Italia's 20 thousand emails per month, allowing the company to respond to customers' requests quickly and efficiently.

Autostrade per l'Italia is the number-one concessionaire in Europe for motorway construction and management, serving Europe's largest metropolitan areas. The organization received 240 thousand customer emails in 2007 and 120 thousand in just the first five months of 2008. Identifying high-priority messages within the thousands of emails and responding to them quickly is critical to improving traffic and problem areas on the roadways; however, Autostrade per l'Italia was managing its emails manually, slowing down the response time for customer care activities.

COGITO Contact automatically analyzed and labeled each email by subject and entered them into a specific category tree (telepass, sales and logistics, traffic information, information on road conditions, etc.). Autostrade per l'Italia's email messages were then sent to the most knowledgeable customer service operator so customers were receiving the best and most timely responses. With COGITO Contact, the organization was able obtain rapid feedback on the themes faced by the clients, accompanied by qualitative data (on the problems met) and quantitative (processed data).

For further information on COGITO Contact, the Expert System product for Customer Care, please click http://www.expertsystem.net/page.asp?id=1521&idd=10.

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