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Subject: Claremont Database Research - DB Leading Experts Look Ahead

This past May, a group of database researchers, architects, users and pundits met at the Claremont Resort in Berkeley, California to discuss the state of the database research field and its impacts on practice. This was the seventh meeting of this sort in twenty years, and was distinguished by a broad consensus that we are at a turning point in the history of the field, due both to an explosion of data and usage scenarios, and to major shifts in computing hardware and platforms.

A website has been set up at http://db.cs.berkeley.edu/claremont which contains:

  • a written report of the meeting
  • slides on research directions from participants
  • a link to an online forum for further discussion
The written report represents the consensus of the participants after two days of discussion and a period of reflection, writing and editing. The online forum has been established to broaden the discussion to include the entire community; all are welcome.

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