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Subject: Yahoo Analytics And Dennis Mortensen

By: Manoj Jasra, 2009-04-29

As you may have heard, Yahoo Analytics has launched version 9.5. The latest version is packed with updates including Demographic/Psychographic reports, in...

...addition to new Charting Capabilities, Segmentation, Path Analysis and Exporting. Dennis Mortensen (Director of Data Insights at Yahoo) sent me an update via email yesterday email so I took this opportunity to ask him a few questions about Yahoo Analytics 9.5 - check out our chat below:

-Manoj-: Does Yahoo Analytics have a tighter integration with Yahoo Search Marketing now?

-Dennis Mortensen-: Yes. From a conceptually point of view those two programs (YWA and YSM) are moving closer to each other. We are not where I would want us to be yet, which is the one-click-integration (like GA and AdWords). But hold your breath and you will see more on this.

By conceptually I mean the fact that YSM recently launched YSM demographic targeting which heavily relates (same original data source) to the YWA demographic features just launched.

Let me elaborate a bit on what I am talking about. You will be able to take e.g. 10000 direct visits to you website and segment them by for example Age, Gender and Average Order Value (assuming you run an E-commerce site). With this new Custom Report result, you will be empowered with the information on how each demographic segment performs. Insight which you can go directly to YSM and execute on.

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