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Do you believe in God

Do you believe in God? [491 votes total]

Yes, I believe in God according to a major religion (186) 38%
I believe there is some supernatural power (115) 23%
I am not sure if God exists or not (65) 13%
There is no God (125) 25%


haresh jajal, god ?
I strongly belive that there is something who control not only us but all the universe. He/she might be called as god or by any other name.

Tom, My motivation in science
I believe in God. I believe universe is created by Him, so it's not a chaos... so I would like to use science to study it.
If I know (or believe) universe is just a chaos, I don't have much motivation to investigate it as I won't find any pattern, but chaos.

Karl Brazier, Explicable by science?
Well, that's all views represented, then, because I neither believe in God nor that everything can be explained by science! The latter is because I suspect that there is nothing simpler than the universe that can perfectly model the universe, ie. that can contain all the information in the universe. I'm not sure I could prove that scientifically, but I did just say that I thought not everything could be explained by science 8-).

Alessandro ZANASI, Editor's question
Dear Editor, to answer your question: I believe in God AND I think that everything (that happens) is explainable by science.

Patrick Rojas, Is there a God(s),
Remember that Disney movie "TRON" or Trace On (for the old Basic fans)? There is a dialogue between two 'electronic commands" that goes approximately like this: One says " Do you think there is a USER?". The other replies: "Well, for me those are superstitions. I do not believe in such entity". Well we are so 'irrelevant' in the Universe of God, that claiming we have a GOD is just plain human belief. Cheers. (We have each other. Not God. We are the ones that can do evil or good to each other... this from another movie: Oh God (with George Burns as the "User")

Editor, Do you believe in God
Do you believe in God, according to an established religion, or in some form of supernatural power, or is everything ultimately is explainable by science?

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