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How Many Junk Emails You Receive Each Day

How many junk (spam) emails you receive on an average day? [305 votes total]

0 (zero) (10) 3%
1-4 (96) 31%
5-10 (73) 24%
11-20 (55) 18%
21-40 (35) 11%
over 40 (36) 12%


Kevin Gee, SPAM
Since I have my own domain, and email is routed through there, I don't put an email address in my signature; I just put my domain (www.MYDOMAIN.com). Anyone who needs to reach me, can just go to my domain and click on send mail. Or, they can respond to my mail.
When I sign up on websites for something, I use "junk@MYDOMAIN.com". My email reader then has a filter to send anything sent to junk@MYDOMAIN.com to the trash.
It might sound more complicated than it really is, but it's reduced my SPAM by about 50%. I still average 40+ mails a day sent to me that are treated as legitimate but are spam. I'm experimenting with some ways to better detect them.

Deodatta Bhoite, SPAM protection in email client
SPAM protection can be built-in in the email client you use. Most IMAP clients like hotmail, yahoo, etc have bulk mail folders. I don't know what algorithm they use to send those mails to bulk mail folder (probably if the address is in bcc field), but a simplistic approach to classify mail as junk/spam would be the number of times a user deletes mail without reading it. We could have a cutoff frequency for that, and then those email addresses(or domains) can be blacklisted. However, this solution will not work for spamers using different domains each time in their email. If we are using this technique we will also have to protect common domains like (hotmail/yahoo/etc user specified domains) from being blacklisted by asking the user to specify them.

Another way could be making use of words, which if present in the mail would classify a mail as spam.

Essentially it has to be an ensemble of techniques and not just one technique.

Susan Imberman, SPAM
Never give your "real" email address when signing up for some web service such as a download or newsletter. Many sites sell these emails to spammers. I keep a yahoo email account, which I never check, just for this purpose.

Most importantly, we should encourage our legislators to pass legislation to protect email privacy. I am very tired of the VIAGRA emails!!

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