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Important Data Mining Topics

Which of the following Data Mining (DM) topics are most important for your work or research? (Choose top 3) [113 voters]

Scaling up DM algorithms for huge data (46) 41%
Mining text (33) 29%
Automating data cleaning (30) 27%
Dealing with unbalanced and cost-sensitive data (29) 26%
Mining data streams (20) 18%
Mining links and networks (19) 17%
Unified theory of DM (18) 16%
DM for biological problems (16) 14%
DM with privacy (10) 8.9%
Mining images (8) 7.1%
DM for security applications (6) 5.4%
Distributed (multi-agent) DM (4) 3.6%
Other (21) 8%


Editor, Cost-sensitive data
By "Cost-sensitive" data I mean data which has different cost to get it.
E.g. for a medical diagnosis, we can use data from a blood test or a spinal fluid test, but blood test is much cheaper (and easier) to get than a spinal fluid test.
Making decision in such cases (which is really all the real-world cases) requires combining accuracy and other metrics with the cost of getting the data.

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