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Text Mining Tools

Text Analysis / Text Mining Software you used in 2004 [247 votes total]

Clearforest (3) 1%
Copernic Summarizer (4) 2%
dtSearch (5) 2%
Insightful Infact (7) 3%
Inxight (3) 1%
SPSS LexiQuest (96) 39%
SAS Text Miner (41) 17%
TEMIS (4) 2%
WordStat (3) 1%
Other (34) 14%
None, and no plans in 2005 (28) 11%
None, but plan to use text mining in 2005 (19) 8%

Note from the Editor: This poll has generated too much interest from some overzealous vendors who inflated the number of votes for their software. I have removed these votes, and further only included votes from the first week of the poll -- historically when most of the votes are cast.

Selected Comments

Jim Ramsbotham, VantagePoint
We use Search Technologies' VantagePoint for text analysis. We believe that it represents the best value for serious content analysis of technical and scientific information. We were introduced to it by an Army office that has used it extensively for bibliographic analysis and was impressed by its power.
We are just beginning to explore what it will do. As a datapoint, we purchased it to use for analyzing and quality management on a prototype database we are developing. We are a very small firm, and one of the attractions of the product was that it was affordable, even for this limited application.

Ralf Klinkenberg, Text Mining Software: YALE + WordVectorTool-Plugin
We use YALE, an open source environment for machine learning and data mining, in combination with its Word Vector Tool plugin for text mining tasks like text classification and clustering:

Karsten Winkler, Text Mining Software
We used our DIAsDEM Workbench for KDD-based semantic annotation of domain-specific texts (http://www.hypknowsys.org/diasdem).

David Corney, Biological text mining
BioRAT is a biology-specific text mining tool, available for research purposes. http://bioinf.cs.ucl.ac.uk/biorat/

dave, Text analysis / Text mining
Kapow Technology: Robosuite

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