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Data Miner Income (Salary) by Region (2006)


Poll Results

The following graph shows the breakdown of income (salary) by region, with number of respondents on the vertical axis (excluding students). (Note: the poll asks for income to include data miners who work for a company as well as self-employed).

Data Miner Income By Region 2006

As in the past year, data miners are most compensated in the US/Canada, with median income (excluding students) estimated around US $100-110,000. A similarly high income (although based only on a few respondents) was reported in the Australia/New Zealand/Japan region. Surprisingly, the median income for West European data miners was much lower - around $50,000.

Next by income are data miners from Asia (including China and India), followed by East Europe and Latin America. a number of respondents did not indicate their region and were grouped in the Other/Unknown.

However, Asia (including China and India) lead in the number of students who responded.

Data Miner Income (Salary) /Status by Region

Regionstudent< 30K31 to 60K61 to 90K91 to 120K> 120K Total Count
West Europe2216110233
Asia (including China, India)84401110
East Europe26300011
Latin America2410007

For comparison, here is 2005 KDnuggets Data Miners Income (Salary) by Region Poll.

We can see slight increase in reported income for US/Canada data miners, but not for West European data miners. There is not enough data for other regions to make a meaningful comparison.

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