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Operating Systems for Data Mining

What operating systems / environments you use for your data mining / analytics work? [170 voters total]

Windows XP (113) 66.5%
Linux (58) 34.1%
MacOS (18) 10.6%
Unix other (15) 8.8%
Windows Other (12) 7.1%
Solaris (11) 6.5%
Windows Vista (7) 4.1%
GNU Cygwin (6) 3.5%
other (1) 0.6%

Note: multiple choices were allowed, and percentages represent the percent of respondents who chose the particular system.

Corrin, OS I use or OS the tools use?
I sit at a computer which is the same one I use to write reports etc. and it is from that computer I issue queries to analyse data but whether those queries are ssh to remote R sessions, SQL or rsubmit, the data or its processing never touches my desktop.

I went with my desktop's OS since that seems to make more difference, though I found out yesterday that Oracle running on a 32 bit windows server cannot access more than 4GB of ram. Obvious when you think about it.

Here are the results of 2005 KDnuggets Poll: Operating System for data mining work

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