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Poll: Obama vs McCain

Who do you support as the next US President? [337 votes total]

Barack Obama (239) 71%
John McCain (69) 20%
Other (19) 6%
Undecided (10) 3%

By Region

RegionVotesBarack ObamaJohn McCainOther/ Undecided
US 185 61% 29% 29%
Canada 7 71% 14% 14%
Latin America 7 86% 14% 0%
Europe 81 85% 7% 7%
Asia/Pacific 25 83% 13% 3%
Africa/Middle East 8 75% 12.5% 12.5%

Ross Bettinger, Obama vs McCain
I was going to vote for McCain because he has more experience than Obama until McCain put Palin on his ticket. It was a brilliant short-term move but it will cost him the election. She has presence and knows how to present herself but her intellectual content and brain power appear to be thin gruel for a hungry nation.

Obama has sold himself on "hope" and change and a new face in politics, all of which are very powerful terms and symbols of transformation, but the current economic chaos will limit his (and any President's) "degrees of freedom " to maneuver quite severely. Good luck to the next President of these United States!

Mark, FiveThirtyEight
I agree with Ian, that's a cool site for the DM geeks. Really solid methodology from what I can tell. I'm jealous of their skills.

Ian Varley, 538
Data miners with an interest in politics might like the site http://fivethirtyeight.com

They use statistical analysis to get a better model of polls. Quite comprehensive, and they try to be very transparent about their models.

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