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Data mining books poll

How many books on data mining, analytics, and related topics did you buy in 2008-2009? [219 votes total]

None (69) 32%
1 (41) 19%
2 (36) 16%
3-5 (47) 21%
6-9 (15) 7%
10 or more (11) 5%

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Chia Khai Meng, Tribute
I haven't bought any new Data Mining books in the past year. However, I'm constantly reading new books that I come across and re-reading some older ones, usually for reference.
A book that I've read recently is 'Scoring Points' from Humby, Hunt and Phillips. I'd recommend it to anyone who'd wish to know how Data Mining could transform a business.
A popular and not-so-old book that I'd like to recommend is 'Data Mining - Concepts and Techniques 2nd Ed' from Han and Kamber, for its clarity in describing Data Mining techniques.
Some 'old' books are those from Berry and Linoff, especially 'Data Mining Techniques' 1st and 2nd Ed. They were among the earliest books on Data Mining ever published, and helped to raise the profile of the technology by showcasing real-world applications.

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