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Your Data Mining Role Poll

Your primary role in data mining / analytics [219 votes total]

Data Miner / Analyst (analyze data yourself) (102) 47%
Manager (manage data-mining related activity) (30) 14%
Software developer (write DM software) (8) 4%
Business analyst (use DM results, but don't mine data yourself) (4) 2%
Researcher and Teacher (write research papers, teach DM) (38) 17%
Student (currently in college, study DM) (32) 15%
Other (5) 2%

Data Mining Role by Region
Data Mining Role by Region


The regional breakdown shows an interesting pattern:
while most data mining analysts are from US/Ca region, most student and researchers responses are from Europe and Asia.


Khai-Meng Chia, Miner cum Evangelist
I'm involved in actively mining data, maintaining production models and developing new ones for much of the time. It's also my job to research new ways of deploying Data Mining technologies to solve real-world business problems, and communicate it effectively to others within the organisation and external clients. I believe these two roles complement each other.

Joseph G. Mitzen, Other
Am I the only one whose role would best be described as "hobbyist"? Not employed to mine data, never studied it in school, just interested in the subject and its applications? Data mining for fun vs. profit?

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