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Windows 7 Plans Poll

Windows 7 What are your plans
for Windows 7 in the next 6 months?
[167 votes total]
Upgrade my current Windows PC to Windows 7 (47) 28%
Buy a new PC that will come with Windows 7 (18) 11%
Keep my current Windows PC and not upgrade the OS (52) 31%
Dump my Windows PC and switch to Mac or Linux (14) 8%
Have a non-Windows PC and won't change to Windows (36) 22%


Mladen Savic, Windows 7
I've been using Windows Vista 64-bit for 2 years (on my then new computer), and switched to Win 7 Pro, also 64-bit, as soon as it became available on MSDNAA (RTM version).

I must say, it is a much faster system, and it feels a lot better and more productive to work on, while still very much visual attractive.

In deed - what a new (post Win XP) OS should be! I recommend it to everyone already using other MS OSs for PCs - no need to wait for service pack, it's already rock stable, at least for me.

Karl Rexer, different strategies with different PCs
We'll take different strategies with different PCs. So selecting one answer in this poll is hard. Most existing Windows PCs in our office will stay on their current OS (we have a mix of XP and Vista PCs). As we upgrade, we replace half the Windows PCs with Macs, and the other half will get PCs with Window 7.

Raul Costa, Windows 7
I migrated skipped Vista and upgraded my laptop directly from XP to 7. I'm very satisfied with the performance of this OS that outperforms XP in all senses in my daily working tasks.

Steve, Another option
I'll probably upgrade after the first stable service pack comes out.

Francois, From vista to 7
Migrating just to get away from Vista 64. Vista makes me remember Millenium.

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