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Switching from SAS to WPS, R, ...

The previous KDnuggets Poll asked:

Are you a current SAS user and are you considering a switch, in light of a recent WPS court victory vs SAS:

I split the results into 3 questions:

Are you a current SAS user:
not current SAS user (91) 44%
current SAS user (117) 56%

Among SAS users, 49.6% considered a switch !

If current SAS user, are you considering a switch, after a recent WPS court victory against SAS
not considering a switch (59) 50.4%
considering a switch (58) 49.6%

Among those who considered switching:

considering a switch to WPS (34)  58.6%
considering a switch to R (19)  32.8%
considering a switch to another analytics software (16)  27.6%

(percentages of switchers sum to more than 100% since some chose more than one option to switch)

Among non-SAS users, 5% were considering switching to WPS, and 12% to R.

Gregory Piatetsky-Shapiro, Microsoft - no demise
Microsoft is no longer as dominant as few years ago, but it is far from demise. Microsoft is still doing very well with Windows 7 and latest Office, and more recently it has become a more innovative company with Bing and Microsoft Research.

Saed Sayad, SAS vs WPS
SAS should learn from Microsoft demise. Bullying small companies kills innovation which in long run will be bad for everybody.

John Holmes, SAS v WPS
We used SAS until May 2009 when we converted to WPS. The conversion went remarkably smoothly and was completed on time. Not only did we save a substantial amount of licence fee, we also regained functionality such Graph that we had previously removed because of the cost.
Where the were gaps in the products, World Programming filled them at no cost as they never professed to replicate the whole of SAS. They provide what is needed.
Support was the best I've encountered and always informed and highly responsive.
I'm delighted to see that the judgement in the recent case appears to have gone in World Programming's favour.
The British legal system has prevented the destruction of an excellent company by a rich bully

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