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Analytics/Data Mining Meetings Attended in 2010

Which analytics / data mining meetings you attended in 2010? [205 voters]

SAS M2010, Oct, Las Vegas (32) 15.6%
KDD, Jul, Wash. DC (30) 14.6%
IEEE ICDM, Dec, Sydney (21) 10.2%
PAW, Feb, San Francisco (19) 9.3%
PAW, Oct, Wash. DC (18) 8.8%
ECML PKDD, Sep, Barcelona (17) 8.3%
PAKDD, Jun, Hyderabad (12) 5.9%
PAW, Nov, London (9) 4.4%
Text Analytics, May, Boston (8) 3.9%
INFORMS, Nov, Austin (6) 2.9%
IBM SPSS Forum, Oct, Las Vegas (5) 2.4%
EGC, Jan, Hammamet (5) 2.4%
ACM DM Camp, Nov, San Jose (5) 2.4%
SUPERMATH, Nov, San Diego (4) 2.0%
SDM, Apr, Columbus (4) 2.0%
(Industrial) ICDM, Jul, Berlin (4) 2.0%
IDA, Oct, Porto (3) 1.5%
AAAI, Jul, Atlanta (3) 1.5%
ICML, Jun, Haifa (2) 1.0%
SIGMOD, Jun, Indianopolis (1) 0.5%
IADIS Data Mining, Jul, Freiburg (1) 0.5%
ADMA, Nov, Chongqing (1) 0.5%
None (54) 26.3%
Other (39) 19.0%

Comparing with a similar poll a year ago, 2009 Data Mining Meetings Attended, we see that there were about twice as many participants in 2010 conferences poll. This year SAS M2010 captured the top spot, pushing KDD-2010 to the second place. Among people who attended SAS M2010, the average number of conferences was 1.5 with PAW-SF, PAW-DC being the 2nd and 3rd most popular conferences.

Among people who attended KDD-2010, the average number of conferences attended was 2.2, with IEEE ICDM and ECML PKDD being 2nd and 3rd most popular conferences.

This confirms a split between researchers who go to research conferences and practitioners who go to applications or vendor conferences.

Although a few people have reported difficulty of getting funding to go to a conference, the percent of people who voted "None" (no conference), about 26%, did not change significantly from 2009 (24%), and was much lower than 39% in KDnuggets 2008 conference attended poll .

Among conferences with significant attendance in both years, the biggest gains were for

  • SAS M2010, Las Vegas, 140% increase (from 6.5% share to 15.6% share)
  • PAW, Feb, San Francisco, 66% increase (from 5.6% to 9.3%)

Among new conferences in 2010 Poll, we noted significant attendance for

  • Text Analytics, May, Boston (4%)
  • PAW, Nov, London (4%)
  • INFORMS-2010, Nov, Austin (3%)

Here is KDnuggets comprehensive list of 2010 Analytics/Data Mining Meetings.


Chapados, NIPS?
I surmise that Neural Information Processing Systems should be added to the list? Was held last December, in Vancouver for the last time.
Editor: in the past, I have seen little overlap between NIPS and other data mining conferences in this list.

GS, No conference
Do you have any results from previous years to compare to? I wonder if the trend is down for those that went to at least one conference.
Seems conference attendance is trending downward as companies cut back.
I could not get approval to even go to one conference with only hotel and air costs. Would have been less than $1k all in.

Frank, RCOMM and OSBI
Further attended events:

Randi, Conference Attendance
Unfortunately, the pricing associated with the various conferences was prohibitive. I'm having a hard time convincing my senior management to spend $5,000+ on one event for one person (me).

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