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R GUIs you use frequently

This poll got huge participation from over 600 readers, of which only 50 did not use R. After removing the last group, and some suspicious(*) votes, we got 562 voters, who used an average of 1.6 GUI per person.

The regional distribution was

  • US/Canada - 45% (top GUI: R console, RStudio, Eclipse/StatET)
  • W. Europe - 35% (top GUI: RapidMiner R extension, R console, Eclipse/StatET)
  • Latin America - 4.8% (top GUI: R console, Tinn-R, Rattle GUI)
  • E. Europe - 4.4% (top GUI: R console, RStudio, Eclipse/StatET)
  • Asia - 4.3% (top GUI: Rstudio, R console, RStudio, Tinn-R)
  • Africa/Middle East - 3.4% (top GUI: R console, RStudio, Rattle GUI)
  • Australia/New Zealand - 3% (top GUI: Rattle GUI, R console, Tinn-R)
The top 3 countries with most voters were US (42.5%), Germany (15.3%), and UK (4%).

(* Over 100 votes for "Eclipse/StatET" from Belgium were removed, since they looked like they came from the same person).

Which R interfaces do you use frequently?
built-in R console (225) 40%
RStudio (135) 24%
Eclipse with StatET (90) 16%
RapidMiner R extension (80) 14.2%
Tinn-R (62) 11%
ESS (Emacs Speaks Statistics) (59) 10.5%
Rattle GUI (53) 9.4%
R Commander (43) 7.7%
Revolution Analytics (31) 5.5%
RKWard (22) 3.9%
JGR (Java Gui for R) (21) 3.7%
RExcel (18) 3.2%
R via a data mining tool plugin (12) 2.1%
Red-R (8) 1.4%
SciViews-R (6) 1.1%
Other (44) 7.8%


Beate Wipper, RapidMiner and RStudio as R GUIs
We usually do not use R directly via console or command line, but via data mining process development environments like RapidMiner and RStudio to ease the data mining process design and deployment. They make the overall process of designing, evaluating, and deploying data mining in complex environments so much easier.

Regarding another R GUI:
Has anyone experience with RevolutionAnalytics?
Are there any legal issues with their bundling of the open source software R under GPL 2 license with their proprietary extensions?

Gregory PS, Editor, R commander
This post has a good description of R Commander, and finds it easy to install, with many plug-ins available

Trevor Kemmer, R within RapidMiner and RapidAnalytics
We use R within RapidMiner and RapidAnalytics, because of the seamless integration and the ease of use of the overall data mining process design and deployment. RapidMiner's GUI supports the interactive graphical design and evaluation of data mining and text mining processes and RapidAnalytics is the best choice for enterprise-wide deployment of predictive models, scoring processes, forecasting, decision support, and reporting with user and user rights management, triggers, calendar-driven automated scheduling, web services for easier integration, etc. The integration of R and RapidMiner and RapidAnalytics allows is to combine the best of all three solutions, all of which are open source:
www.r-project.org, www.RapidMiner.com, www.rapid-i.com

Harlan H., text editor
I've been using RStudio a fair amount, but especially when building code (versus exploring data) I prefer TextMate, the excellent programmer's text editor for MacOS. It's got a decent plugin for R that dumps code into the console.

FWIW, the MacOS native editor and REPL for R is decent for simple things, but the Windows version is a disaster. I'd never use the native console under Windows if I had a choice.

Tony Nolan, Interactive Learning of R
I like using Rattle, because it seamlessly lets me run a sequence of commands through the Gui, and then lets me go back to the log window and figure out the R code. Then I can go to the R console and make adjustments tot he dataset by using my R code. I am now learning how to integrate R studio into the process too.
What bugs me is the lack of walk through examples, akin to like dummys guides, or the early basic programming books, where you got a line of code and a mini explanation. Many people I am introducing R too, find the manuals way to technical, they might want to know all the options in the future, but they want a result early, so they get the confidence up and then learn to make adjustments.
That is why I like Rattle, you can do it first, then learn to make adjustments. I just wish there were programming samples of R line the basic old days.

Mike Williamson, best "shared" IDE with R?
I am currently using ESS & emacs, but that's mostly because I know I can always get emacs anywhere. I am now doing more & more scripting / coding, across a few different languages. The "Eclipse - StatET" platform sounds very promising for that, since it is open source (I can get it nearly anywhere I work) and it is "multilingual" (java, python, R, etc.)
Is this the best for R-friendly common environments? Other ideas? Thanks in advance!

M. Edward (Ed) Borasky, R GUIs
When I was a regular Windows R user, I used the Windows "native" GUI.

Gregory PS, Editor, Deducer - interactive plots
Robert Muenchen also pointed to a new point-and-click GUI - Deducer, which offers interactive plots.
Rstudio team is considering integrating it into Rstudio, which would be a big advance.

Georg Ruß, R with VIM
Okay, I guess it's a special "interface" to R, but I'm using Vim with this script to interface into R.

I'm working for a project, CloudStat, a web-based R GUI. What special about CloudStat is you can make a R template just as Excel. Give it a try or feedback at www.cloudstat.org

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