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Selling personal data to advertisers

Will you be willing to sell your personal data to advertisers? [160 voters]

No (77)  48%
Yes, for $10/year (5)  3%
Yes, for $100/year (15)  9%
Yes, for $1000/year (46)  29%
Not sure (17)  11%


Will Dwinnell, Selling Personal Information
I imagine that the specifics would matter a great deal. Many people do already sell at least some of their personal information to vendors- "frequent customer" programs are popular with grocery stores and airlines, and they involve payment (price reductions) in exchange for tracking individual purchases. Another form of this is Amazon's "wish lists" and item rating, which feeds their recommendation engine.
I think fewer people would submit to a blanket sale of their personal information to "advertisers", if we take that term to mean "anyone".

Joan Knight, The value of one's personal information
This is a very interesting question. What's even more thought-provoking are the results. My immediate reaction was, "No way! I'm not selling my information!" But then, when I saw dollar signs, I thought, "well, maybe." I'm not sure how to determine the value of my personal information, though. I would definitely need to see some kind of security credentials to make sure my information is safe. I also think the reward for sharing would need to be a handsome one. $1000 might be a bit too much to ask for, but I certainly think the prize should be more than $100.

Gregory PS, Editor, Mining Personal Data and Advertising
Behavioral advertising which mines personal data has been shown to produce more effective targeting, at the cost of reduced privacy. One proposed solution is to allow people to opt-in - sell their personal data to advertisers, in exchange for direct payment. Of course, we already do it indirectly with loyalty cards and points, etc.

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