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KDnuggets™ News 10:n22, Sep 22

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  • New Poll: Do you like Google Instant Search? - Sep 21, 2010.
    this may be the largest deployment of predictive analytics - since Google tries to predict user full query based on the initial input. Do you like Google Instant predictions and the new interface?
  • Analytics/Data Mining US Job Trends - Sep 13, 2010.
    Average US salary is $89,000 for Analytics OR "Data Mining" jobs, according to SimplyHired.com, a search engine for jobs. Demand for such jobs grew over 100% in 2010.
  • Kaggle competitions: Tourism Forecasting, Chess - Sep 21, 2010.
    Tourism Forecasting Part 1 ended, Part 2 starting; Who competes; Halfway report on Chess/Elo ratings competition
  • e-LICO multi-omics prediction challenge - Sep 16, 2010.
    2500 EU prize total; data is from patients with Obstructive Nephropathy (ON) which is the most frequent nephropathy observed among newborns and children.
  • Traffic Jams Issue Solved - Sep 16, 2010.
    Over 500 researchers participated in IEEE ICDM TomTom Traffic Prediction for Intelligent GPS Navigation, producing accuracy improvement of up to 60% and an algorithm that can be used in GPS navigation devices in order to avoid traffic jams.
  • Poll results: no rush to geolocation services - Sep 14, 2010.
    latest poll also shows that data miners are more likely to analyze geolocation data than to use it.
  • Most viewed items for Sep 12-18 - Sep 20, 2010.
    Becoming a data scientist; Social media analytics - 2 new tools;
    Top jobs: Data Scientist at ID Analytics, Inc., San Diego, CA; Analyst/Associate, Business Intelligence at J.P. Morgan Asset Management, New York, NY;
  • Most viewed items for Sep 5-11 - Sep 12, 2010.
    Becoming a data scientist; Social media analytics new tools;
    Top jobs: Analytical Modeling Staff Scientist at SAS, San Diego; Machine Learning Engineer at eBay, San Jose.

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  • SAVE 20% SAS on Data Mining Training - Sep 21, 2010.
    Don't miss your opportunity to experience the SAS Business Knowledge Series for less!  Register for any of these November - December classes and SAVE 20%. Seats are limited
  • Predictive Analytics World Washington, DC or London, UK? - Sep 21, 2010.
    Two choices in Oct./Nov. Two rich conference programs with very little content overlap featuring a wealth of speakers with front-line experience sharing their knowledge. See which one is best for you.
  • Statistics.com upcoming courses - Sep 17, 2010.
    Statistics.com offers a wide range of online courses in statistics, analytics and data mining. Get 20% KDnuggets discount - see details.

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  • Call for Data Mining Case Studies for ICDM'10 panel - Sep 20, 2010.
    Top-10 Data Mining Case Studies panel at ICDM'10 will present the top 10 data mining case studies submissions by ten of the top data miners in the field.
  • ACM Health Informatics Symposium, Arlington, VA, Nov 11-12 - Sep 17, 2010.
    IHI 2010, the inaugural symposium on health informatics, will be an annual showcase for exciting and innovative research on techniques and technologies developed in universities, hospitals, research labs, and companies all over the world.
  • CompleNet 2010, Rio de Janeiro, Oct 13-15 - Sep 14, 2010.
    This workshop brings together researchers and practitioners working on on areas related to complex networks, from biological systems to computer science, from economic to social systems.


  • A Wealth Of (Visual) Information - Sep 14, 2010.
    In the 3+ minutes of video, each asteroid discovery over the past 30 years emerges as a bright shock of color on a mostly black background, a map of the earth's circulation in our solar system.
  • Microsoft: Get Started with Data Mining [Video] - Sep 14, 2010.
    Scott Golightly discusses the basics of data mining and show you how to get started with the Microsoft data mining wizard.
  • How does Netflix know what you like [Video] - Sep 12, 2010.
    a nice high-level overview of Netflix recommendation algorithm from Meta Brown, a marketer who focuses on advanced analytics.
  • The Many Faces (And Sculptures) Of Edward Tufte - Sep 11, 2010.
    Tufte is also an accomplished grand-scale sculptor, in addition to being a thought leader in information visualization and the author of "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information", and several other books. His gallery ET Modern has recently opened in New York.


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We want to make Google the third half of your brain

Sergey Brin, talking about Google Instant Search

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