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KXEN new InfiniteInsight(TM) Express Predictive Analytics

Marketing professionals can build predictive models on-demand with no prior training in data mining techniques

KXEN KXEN Makes World-Class Predictive Analytics Available to Marketing Professionals with the Launch of InfiniteInsight(TM) Express

San Francisco, November 15, 2011. KXEN, the leading provider of predictive analytics for business users, today announced KXEN's InfiniteInsight(TM) Express, the first predictive analytics solution specifically designed for self-service use by marketing professionals. InfiniteInsight(TM) Express enables marketing users with no prior training in data mining techniques to build and deploy world-class predictive models, giving marketers the power to optimize every campaign and every customer interaction.

KXEN's flagship product, InfiniteInsight(TM), has brought orders of magnitude increases in agility and productivity to more than 400 of the world's leading companies including Bank of America, Barclays, Cox Communications, Lowe's, Meredith Corporation, Overstock.com, Rogers, Vodafone, and Wells Fargo.

InfiniteInsight(TM) Express' extensive predictive modeling capabilities include:

  • Self-Service Models: Putting the power of complex modeling in the hands of marketing.
  • Profit Maximization: Marketers can enter campaign costs and expected profits for each positive response and InfiniteInsight(TM) Express automatically calculates the optimum target lists based on constraints such as maximizing profits or maximizing total revenues within the campaign budget.
  • Integration to Marketing Process and Tools: Resulting predictive scores and scoring equations can be deployed directly in-database to the data warehouse, in real-time to transactional systems like a corporate website or call center, or in batch to campaign management applications.
  • Scales Your Power User: Data mining professionals are able to define analytical records using InfiniteInsight(TM) Explorer, predictive analytics first-ever "semantic layer", to create the 360-degree view of the customer used in generating analytical data sets as well as parameters to be accessed by marketers as they navigate through the guided marketing wizard.
  • Pre-Defined Templates: InfiniteInsight(TM) Express is configurable to address different business processes. In the solution's initial release, InfiniteInsight(TM) Express is delivered out-of-the box with a marketing campaign optimization template.
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