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KDnuggets™ News 11:n30, Dec 14

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  • Top Analytics / Data Mining Stories in 2011 - Dec 13, 2011.
    Free Public Datasets; Analytics/data mining tools used for a real project; Judge forbids use of Bayes Theorem. Really?
    Top jobs: Predictive Modeling/Data Mining Scientists at Obama 2012 Campaign; Data Mining Scientist at Apple.
  • Poll Results: Industries where Analytics / Data Mining were applied in 2011 - Dec 12, 2011.
    The most popular industries for analytics were CRM, Banking, Health care, Education, and Fraud detection. The highest growth was in Travel/Hospitality, Social Networks, and Education, and biggest decline in Manufacturing.
  • Ventana/KDnuggets Survey on Predictive Analytics - Dec 7, 2011.
    Are you using or considering using predictive analytics to improve future outcomes of your business activities and processes? Participate in the survey with our partner Ventana Research, and you will get a free report with findings.
  • The Risks of Using Spreadsheets For Data Analysis - Dec 6, 2011.
    Find out how spreadsheets limitations can be liabilities, and learn about a better way to analyze data. Download IBM white paper "The Risks of Using Spreadsheets for Statistical Analysis".
  • Predictive Analytics World March 2012, San Francisco Super Early Bird ends Dec 16 - Dec 13, 2011.
    Predictive Analytics World, March 4-10, 2012, in San Francisco is packed with the top predictive analytics experts, practitioners, authors and business thought leaders.
  • Gartner Business Intelligence Summit, Los Angeles, Apr 2-4 - Dec 7, 2011.
    The Gartner BI Summit (LA, Apr 2-4) is the premier business analytics event that provides the must-have insights, frameworks and best practices. Special discount for KDnuggets readers.
  • Top news for Dec 4-10 - Dec 11, 2011.
    Growing your own data scientists; The Risks of Using Spreadsheets For Data Analysis; 20% off on new CRC Books on Data Mining, ML
    Top jobs: Decision Scientist at Microsoft; PRINCIPAL (Federal Finance/Analytics) at Booz Allen Hamilton.
  • Top news for Nov 27 - Dec 3 - Dec 4, 2011.
    The Search For Analysts To Make Sense Of Big Data; Big Data Gold; Competition: Recognition for Learning
    Top jobs: Data Scientists, Master Data Storyteller at Knewton, NYC.
  • Additions to KDnuggets Directory in November - Dec 1, 2011.
    New education, meetings, publications, software
  • Top news, jobs in November - Dec 1, 2011.
    Poll Results: Top Algorithms for Analytics/Data Mining; Free Web Mining Services for the People; Google BigQuery
    Top jobs: DM/Research Analyst at Princeton U.; Analytical Modeling Scientist, SAS, San Diego.

Courses, Events

  • Online courses on R from statistics.com - Dec 9, 2011.
    Luis Torgo teaches "Data Mining in R", Jan 13 - Feb 10, and Paul Murrell teaches "Introduction to R - Data Handling", Feb 10 - Mar 9
  • Tackling Data Overload - Dec 6, 2011.
    Northwestern U. McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Science has developed a new degree program, the Master of Science in Analytics, to teach young professionals the skills they need to succeed in the field.
  • Learn What Really Works in Data Mining: Feb in Atlanta, Apr in Vegas - Dec 1, 2011.
    Insist on 1000% ROI from your data mining initiatives! Learn how to achieve it at TMA's Predictive Analytics and Data Mining course series.



Academic/Research positions


  • USPTO $50K Innovation Challenge - Dec 4, 2011.
    The US Patent and Trademark Office, together with the NASA Tournament Lab, is launching a contest to develop new algorithms to aid in patent examination. Register by Dec 5.


News Briefs

CFP - Calls for Papers


Marcelo Gleiser on "Why is Higgs Boson sometimes called the God Particle"?

The God Particle is the title of a popular science book by Nobel Prize winner Leon Lederman, who was Fermilab's director for many years and thus my boss when I was a postdoctoral fellow there. According to Leon, he wanted to call the book The Goddamn Particle because nobody could find the thing. However, his editor discouraged him from the title, suggesting that The God Particle would sell many more copies.

NPR, Dec 12, 2011

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