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European Big Data Companies

A twitter conversation on European Big Data Companies

Although most of the Big Data players are US-based, there are a number of companies in Europe.

@LutzFinger asked me on Twitter about European players in Big Data, and I suggested a couple of European Conferences

@LutzFinger noted that the conferences are quite US-dominated. The only european players seem to be @BYAnalytics, @ParStream, Q5 AG (Zurich based)

@mikaelhuss made a list of Swedish big data companies

Mikael also commented that although most companies on his list are now based on the US, many (most?) were started in Sweden, including Recorded Future & Spotify.

@BrianAtSumerian added Sumerian, based in Scotland - Big Data IT analytics across customer base in Europe & US.

@alex_mikhalev pointed to his company, Shopitize, London, UK

@atveit added @atbrox, www.atbrox.com.

Atbrox is based in Norway, and they specialize in hadoop/big data and search.

I think it will be fair to add telecom giants Ericsson (based in Sweden) and Nokia (based in Finland) to European big data companies.

@aghilmort said: www.datamarket.com is one such company; more data than analytics, IRIC

@HAStark in UK, a good way to find some via @ds_ldn and @londataevent, also check out Meetup.com listings.

See also Quora thread Which are the most exciting Big Data startups in Europe?, which mentions a number of companies, including

  • DataSift, based in Reading UK, a programmable data curation platform, dealing with many millions status updates per day and many billions web pages
  • new spin-off from ETH Zurich which offers big data analytics with Hadoop and Cassandra: teralytics.ch
Also Chris Augeri @aghilmort suggested @3scale, Out-of-the-Box API Management Platform & Infrastructure (SF, London, Barcelona), www.3scale.net/

@Kasabi, kasabi.com, an online marketplace that brings developers and data publishers together to enable new business models for consumers and producers of data at all scales. Based in Birmingham, UK

@KnutHellan suggested Zedge, @Zedge , described as the largest mobile content discovery platform used by more than 40 million unique users per month, across web, mobile and Android. Norway.

@fhuszar suggested @PeerIndex in London: We analyse social media data to establish people's activity, authority and audience in various topics.


Stefan G
Datameer is half German with 50%+ engineering in Germany and multiple German VPs. Does this count as european? :)

Jeremiah Dollam
Neo Metrics, from SPAIN, now in Accenture Analytics.

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