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Actuate, KXEN Launch Dash for Gold

Does per capita wine consumption affect who stands on the podium? Dash for Gold provides intuitive dashboards to analyze medal counts and uses KXEN to predict outcomes

San Mateo, Calif., - July 25, 2012 - Actuate Corporation (NASDAQ: BIRT), The people behind BIRT® and the leader in open source Business Intelligence (BI), today announced that it has teamed with Actuate Big Data partner, KXEN, the leading provider of predictive analytics for business users, to develop
"Dash for Gold". Dash for Gold is a free, interactive app that includes predetermined dashboards and also allows users to perform their own analytics.

Actuate Dash for Gold

Dash for Gold can be used by everyone to analyze competition results since 1900 against 52 years of world statistics to hypothesize which statistics are determinants of medal success. Dash for Gold, which covers sporting history for every competing country, is available as a mobile app, with a comprehensive browser version in English, French, German and Simplified Chinese.

People using Dash for Gold will be able to analyze massive data sets, via an intuitive user interface and also have the ability to share and publish their findings. No prior experience with analytics is necessary to find answers to questions such as:

  • Which country has won the most medals in your favorite sports?
  • Does the host nation have a home field advantage?
  • Does your country send better men or women to major global sporting competitions?
  • Does per capita wine consumption affect who stands on the podium?
BIRT Dash for Gold Challenge: Join the Athletes and Compete

BIRT Dash for Gold is a competition open to any registered user of Dash for Gold. Beginning July 27 everyone will have an opportunity to create their own interactive dashboards to uncover trends and fun facts about the world's top sporting competitions by comparing economic, climatic, historical and other indicators to sports data. With simple drag and drop Google-style gadgets, users will be able to discover hidden correlations and expose exciting information about their favorite countries and sporting events. Users can register and submit their dashboards to the contest and the dashboards will be published to the community for all to see. Judges will evaluate and choose the top four dashboards and each will win a 32GB 3rd generation Apple iPad with WiFi. See contest rules for details. Registration ensures users are kept current on the latest updates and contest announcements.

Dash for Gold - Behind the Scenes
Dash for Gold showcases the power of dashboards - no matter the user's skill level - and has been built using ActuateOne. For the "Did-You-Know?" tab of the application Actuate uses KXEN's InfiniteInsight™ to provide new ways of analyzing competition data alongside other data sets to discover stunning and completely new facts and to predict which teams will win medals.

Dash for Gold proves how easy it is for anybody to use, build and share their own dashboards. Facts and figures on the application itself:

  • Real Cloud-based, SaaS platform: Dash for Gold is hosted on Actuate's own commercial SaaS platform BIRT onDemand. Users can use BIRT onDemand to share analytics and make reports, dashboards and apps accessible to everybody inside and outside the firewall.
  • Live Application: Like any consumer application, users register and then gain access to their own Dash for Gold account with user credentials, default dashboard configuration, interactive content, document publishing and canvas sharing, allowing for a full experience of working with BIRT.
  • Mobile: All event results can be tracked via a simple URL, making the key information available to you anytime, anywhere.
  • Real Analysis: In the same way business users analyze the results of their latest marketing campaign by looking at many variables across regions, Dash for Gold users of any skill level can correlate medal-winning countries across a variety of event disciplines and against global economic indicators to understand the complex relationships that impact the results of a global competition.
For more information about Dash for Gold visit www.dashforgold.com/faq.

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