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Date: Fri, 24 Mar 2000 13:13:51 -0500 (EST)
From: gps
Subject: KDnuggets Poll on Privacy and the Web

The first KDnuggets Poll (March 15-30, 2000), asked the question:

Are you concerned about web mining compromising your privacy?

The majority of the unscientific sample of 114 data miners expressed moderate to strong concern. The answers split almost equally among:

  • very much (40 votes, 35%)
  • a little (39 votes, 34%)
  • not really (35 votes, 31%)
Some people were concerned that the results were biased by employees of one data mining company. This is not likely (what is to be gained?), and the poll software uses several methods to prevent people from voting twice.

Other comments included:

The more I examine the cookies on my browser, the grouchier I get. I'm not worried so much about the technology itself, but about abuses of my data. Corporations can become Big Brothers even more easily than "the government."

With the excuse of doing what's good for society [e.g., catching criminals], data-mining monitors everyone for the sake of catching a minority of people acting abnormally. This is reminiscent of (but more effective than) the 70's KGB techniques.

Please publish an article on it.

federal standards are required

If your bank sees that you have come to the end of your cheque book and send you a new one, do you consider that a breach of your privacy??? Effective Web Mining produces results that are pervasive and not invasive. [email protected]

Beauty of web and its information is that you search and get what you want without you being poked for what you don't want to reveal

See full results and comments at


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KDnuggets : News : 2000 : n07 : item2

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