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From: Peter Kim
Date: 12 May 2005
Subject: Redmond, Washington, USA: Software Developer in Data Mining at Microsoft

Are you passionate in using machine learning and data mining to solve challenging real world problems? Do you want to impact millions of software users by providing them with a more satisfactory experience?

The Assistance Platform team in Microsoft is looking for a senior software development engineer. We are exploiting the latest in search, machine learning, data mining, and natural language technologies to dramatically improve user assistance for all Microsoft products such as Windows and Office. We are developing data mining techniques for analyzing implicit and explicit user feedback to enhance help content, refine our query understanding technology, improve search, and improve future Microsoft product releases. Machine learning and data mining techniques are strategic technologies that we will use to understand customer feedback, significantly boost customer satisfaction and revolutionize the way the company designs software and supports its users.

You will be part of a core team that researches, designs and implements advanced and practical data mining technologies that will help to analyze user behavior, build complex models including classifiers, understand user queries, intents, and serve relevant assistance contents.

As an ideal candidate, you will have a strong applied math background, specifically with experiences in the issues around implementing mathematical algorithms in code. Substantial knowledge and experiences in data mining, statistics, and machine learning are essential. Experience with SQL and database systems, excellent communication skills and presentation ability are desired. A minimum of 5 years of experience or a M.S. or Ph.D. in computer science or related field is recommended for this position.


Please email resumes to peterkim at Microsoft.com.

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