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KDnuggetsTM News 06:n18, Sep 26, 2006

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  1. Poll Results: Data Mining Deployment
  2. New Poll: Your main role in relation to data mining?
  3. Blogs on Data Mining: Data Temp, sparklines, KDD-06, and more ...
  4. Top items from KDnuggets News 06:n17, Sep 12
  5. Pentaho buys Weka project, hires 5 Weka developers
  6. Google Debuts 200-Year News Archive Search
  1. Get real data mining results for free - Download Rule Discovery System
  2. Bioinformatic web server APID: Agile Protein Interaction DataAnalyzer
  3. Carrot2 Search Results Clustering Engine, release 2.0
  1. Fair Isaac free web seminar: Innovation In-Database, Oct 4
  2. KXEN Webinar: Decision making with Exploratory Modeling, Oct 12
  3. Predictive Analytics for Business and Marketing, Prediction Impact, Oct, San Francisco
  4. NeuroSolutions Neural Network Course: Orlando, FL, Nov 6-10, 2006
  1. San Francisco, CA: Statistical Analyst/Data Modeler at Quality Planning Corporation
  2. Omaha, NE, USA: Statistical Analyst at Omnium Worldwide, Inc.
  3. Houston, TX: Senior Statistical Analyst at HP
  4. Richmond, VA: Manager of Applications Development (Data Mining Related) at Blue Hawk, LLC
  5. Princeton, NJ: Research Scientist - Semantic Analysis at Siemens Corporate Research
  6. Toronto, ON, Canada: Data Mining Analyst at Waterfront International
  1. Postdoc/RA: Gene Expression Mining Project in U. of Singapore
  1. What Makes A Good Analyst?
  1. U of Arizona using data mining to search for terrorists
  2. Cornell project seeks to sort facts from opinions
  3. Data mining gets a makeover (call it Fusion)
  4. Insightful Customer Named Finalist for Computerworld BI Award
  5. SPSS 15.0 Released to Support Development of Predictive Enterprises
  6. Simba Technologies Set to Support Microsoft Excel 2007 Pivot Tables MDX Language
  7. New search engine helps creative discovery
  8. Luis von Ahn wins $500,000 MacArthur "genius" award
  9. Caterpillar Uses PROCEED to Optimize New Engine Design
  10. Full Capture Solutions, Inc. Secures $7 million in Series B Funding
  11. Houston Rockets run their analytics in Miner3D
  1. Insightful Optimize Financial Solutions Conference, Oct 5 (NY), Oct 6 (Boston)
  2. M2006, World's largest data mining conference: attendees strike gold
  1. Machine Learning at FLAIRS-2007, due Nov 20
    FLAIRS-2007, due Nov 20
    Data Mining for Personalization, Special Issue, due Jan 15, 2007
Ironically, one of the phrases most likely to indicate opinion is "It is a fact that ..." Claire Cardie, Cornell professor of computer science.

KDnuggets : News : 2006 : n18

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