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From: Peter C. Bruce
Date: 28 Sep 2006
Subject: Online course: "Decision Trees and Rule-Based Segmentation", Jan 26 - Feb 23

Online course: "Decision Trees and Rule-Based Segmentation," Jan 26 - Feb. 23 at statistics.com.

Covers (1) association learning (such as is used in many online shopping systems - If you bought X, then you may also like Y) and (2) classification learning algorithms, which take a set of classified examples and learn a way of classifying unseen examples. The instructor is Dr. Anthony Babinec, president of AB Analytics and previously Director of Advanced Products Marketing at SPSS, where he worked on the marketing of Clementine and introduced CHAID, neural nets and other advanced technologies to SPSS.

There are no set hours when you must be online, and you work directly with the instructor for 4 weeks on a private discussion board; requires 7-15 hours per week.

Registration and more details:


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