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KDnuggetsTM News 07:n01, Jan 9, 2007

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  1. Top News Items from 2006
  2. Poll Results: Data Mining Conferences attended in 2006
  3. New Poll: Number of data mining projects you worked on in 2006
  4. KDD-2007 Call For Research Papers (Abstracts due: Feb 23)
  5. Text mining and analytic domain names for sale
  6. Edge annual question 2007: What Are You Optimistic About? Why?
  7. Top items from KDnuggets News 06:n24, Dec 19
  8. Tiberius wins BI CUP 2006 time series forecasting competition
  1. Software release: ABL 1.0: Alignment-Based Learning 1.0
  1. Data Mining Courses: Strategy, Methods & Application, Jan 29 - Feb 2, Orlando
  2. Online course: "Decision Trees and Rule-Based Segmentation", Jan 26 - Feb 23
  3. New Exploratory Analysis course
  4. Jan 30 Webcast: Robust predictive modeling through SRM, by Dr. Isabelle Guyon
  5. Data Miners team with SAS to deliver training (Survival Analysis, Data Mining Techniques)
  6. Predictive Analytics for Business and Marketing, Prediction Impact, Feb and May, San Francisco
  1. Seattle Metropolitan area, WA: Click Fraud/Data Mining Program Manager at Microsoft, MSN AdCenter
  2. Seattle Metropolitan area, WA: Database Engineer at MSN
  3. Seattle Metropolitan area, WA: Senior Database Engineer at MSN
  4. Seattle Metropolitan area, WA: Lead Software Development Engineer (Click Fraud Detection) -- Data Architecture group at Microsoft, MSN AdCenter
  5. Seattle Metropolitan area, WA: Data Mining Analyst at Microsoft, MSN AdCenter
  6. Seattle Metropolitan area, WA: Software Design Engineer - Creative UI Developer (168140) at Microsoft, MSN AdCenter
  7. Seattle Metropolitan area, WA: Software Design Engineer - Database Developer (168128) at Microsoft, MSN AdCenter
  8. Wenham, MA: Senior Statistical Analyst at Mullen Advertising
  9. Austin, TX: Data Mining Scientist at Apple Computer
  10. Seattle Metropolitan area, WA: Research (DM/IR/ML) Software Design Engineer (RSDE) Lead at Microsoft, MSN AdCenter
  11. Arlington, VA or San Diego, CA: Senior Statistician at Claritas
  12. Boxborough, MA: Technical Leader I (Expert in Data Mining) at Cisco
  13. Redmond, WA: Marketing Intelligence Manager at Microsoft Corporation, Online Services Group
  14. Research Analyst at BEZ Systems, Skokie, IL or Boston, MA
  15. Palo Alto, CA: Data Analyst, Data Insight Group at Facebook
  1. 1 Research Assistant and 2 PhD Studentships at Queen Mary U. of London
  1. The Man Who Shook Up Vegas (Dr. Stoll and Football Handicapping)
  2. published: JMLR special topic on ML for Computer Security
  3. New book: Decision Trees for BI and Data Mining: Using SAS Enterprise Miner
  1. Precision Data-Mining and Modern Football Handicapping
  2. Lawsuit Demands Answers About Government's Secret 'Risk Assessment' Scores
  3. Bayer Extends License To Linguamatics And Biowisdom For Text Search And Mining
  4. Grad Student Scores Federal Grant for Click Fraud Research
  5. Yahoo! Chief Data Officer, Dr. Usama Fayyad, Chosen as 2006 ACM Fellow
  6. Watch & learn - from cameras to suspicious behavior recognition
  1. Data Mining for Personalization, due Jan 15
    IJCNN07 Workshop on Data Representation Discovery, due Jan 31
    Query Log Analysis: Social and Technological Challenges, due Feb 12
    KDD-07 research papers, abstracts due Feb 23
    KDD-07 application papers, abstracts due Feb 23
    KDD-07 workshop proposals, due Feb 28
    KDD-07 tutorial proposals, due Feb 28
    KDD-07 panel proposals, due Feb 28
    Text Mining in Bioinformatics, due Apr 1
    Text-Based Information Retrieval (TIR-07), due Apr 12
Edge annual question 2007:


As an activity, as a state of mind, science is fundamentally optimistic. Science figures out how things work and thus can make them work better. Much of the news is either good news or news that can be made good, thanks to ever deepening knowledge and ever more efficient and powerful tools and techniques. Science, on its frontiers, poses more and ever better questions, ever better put.

What are you optimistic about? Why? Surprise us!

see http://edge.org/q2007/q07_index.html

KDnuggets : News : 2007 : n01

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