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KDnuggets News(tm) 99:01, January 6, 1999

  (item1) GPS, Industry News: Data Mining in the Air, VR
  (item2) Maria Zemankova, NSF Plant Genome Venture Funding Opportunity
  (item3) Sal Stolfo, JAM at the DARPA IDS Evaluation
  (item4) Duncan Chapple, What data mining tools run on AIX?
  (item5) Carla Brodley, KDD Article in AMERICAN SCIENTIST
  (item6) Naren Ramakrishnan, CFP: IEEE Computer Spec. Issue on data analysis and mining
  (item7) GPS, Tools for Sequence Discovery -- a summary
  (item8) Maria Pia Pensini, Visualmine - visualisation tool for data mining
  (item9) Chris Fraley, MCLUST software : Windows version, enhancements, etc
  (item10) Sheng Ma, Job opening for machine learning/data mining in IBM T.J. Watson
  (item11) Foster Provost, CFP: KDD-99, The ACM SIGKDD Fifth International
          Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, 
          August 15-18, 1999, San Diego, CA, USA
  (item12) A. Famili, CFP: Pre- and Post-Processing in Machine Learning and Data Mining:
          Workshop within Advanced Course on Artificial Intelligence 1999 (ACAI-99)
           5-16 July 1999, Greece
  (item13) Jiawei Han, CFP: U.S. NCGIA Spatial Data Mining Specialist Meeting,
          Redmond, Washington, March 18-20, 1999
  (item14) Belur Dasarathy, Final program for SPIE Conference on Data Mining,
           April 5-6, 1999 at Orlando, Florida,

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