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  • Data-driven journalism: What is there to learn? - Aug 6, 2010.
    On Aug 24, in Amsterdam, this conference will bring together journalists and specialists in data mining, data visualisation and multimedia.
  • PAKDD 2010 Awards - Aug 5, 2010.
    Awards presented at the PAKDD 2010, 14th Pacific-Asia Conference on Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, held in Hyderabad, India in June 2010.


  • What is in common between Aristotle, A-bomb and data mining? - Aug 10, 2010.
    An amazing story of John Aristotle Phillips, the founder of Aristotle political data mining company
  • Validating the Logistic Regression Model - Aug 9, 2010.
    The purpose of this write-up is to introduce the principal features of a bootstrap validation method for the ever-popular logistic regression model.
  • SAS, WPS and R - Aug 8, 2010.
    In a decision that that could have major impact on the analytics marketplace, the UK High Court has ruled against statistical giant SAS in its litigation of tiny UK upstart World Programming Ltd (WPL).
  • Sites Feed Personal Details To New Tracking Industry - Aug 6, 2010.
    WSJ: The 50 largest US sites installed on average 64 tracking files on the visitors' computers. The tracking files represent the leading edge of a lightly regulated, emerging industry of data-gatherers who are in effect establishing a new business model for the Internet.

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The important thing in science is not so much to obtain new facts as to discover new ways of thinking about them.

William Lawrence Bragg

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