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KDnuggets™ News 10:n20, Aug 25

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  • New Poll: Your experience with Foursquare, Facebook Places, or other geolocation services - Aug 24, 2010.
    Geolocation services are the latest trend, and they present new opportunities for data mining as well as new privacy challenges. What is your experience with geolocation services?
  • Poll Results: half of SAS users consider switching - Aug 24, 2010.
    among potential switchers, about 60% consider WPS, and 33% consider R. See full results and comments
  • M2010 discount for KDnuggets Subscribers - Aug 17, 2010.
    The SAS M2010 Data Mining Conference attracts the brightest minds in the field of analytics. Join hundreds of attendees and listen to experts from the health care, financial services, manufacturing, retail and education industries. KDnuggets News subscribers are entitled to a 30% discount on M2010 - see details.
  • Front-line Predictive Analytics Experts Speaking at PAW DC - Aug 24, 2010.
    A wealth of front-line experience is sharing their knowledge at Predictive Analytics World DC, October 19-20, 2010, including speakers from Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, Life Line Screening, Merkle, MetLife Auto & Home, Miles Kimball, Monster, Paychex, Xerox PARC.
  • Most viewed items for Aug 15-21 - Aug 22, 2010.
    P != NP Proved by HP Labs researcher?; Most Comprehensive Social Media Analytics Platform List;
    Top jobs: Data Mining Analyst at Waste Management, Houston, TX; Researcher, Predictive Analytics at Xerox Research Center, Webster, NY;
  • Most viewed items for Aug 8-14 - Aug 16, 2010.
    P != NP Proved by HP Labs researcher?; New Poll: Switching from SAS to WPS ?;
    Top jobs: Director of Research, Algorithms and Data Mining at JustAnswer, San Francisco, CA; Junior Analytics Manager at Opera Solutions, San Diego, Jersey City, New York, USA;

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  • Tools for Discovering Patterns in Data, Sep 13-14, Charlottesville, VA - Aug 2, 2010.
    a practical, experience-based, concepts course, known for demystifying data mining with clarity and humor. Learn to isolate the essential aspects of a problem and select and combine appropriate software tools to find useful patterns in noisy, incomplete data.
  • Data Mining/Survival Analysis Techniques - Aug 24, 2010.
    Look deeper into your data and make better informed business decisions with data mining experts Michael Berry or Gordon Linoff. Attend one of their upcoming classes and see how they have solved problems for customers around the world.

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  • Profits vs. Privacy as Businesses Mine Consumer Data [Video] - Aug 19, 2010.
    One example: Avis. After looking at rental patterns and website browsing habits, the company is better tailoring e-mail marketing pitches. It's working, with marketing costs slashed in half and loyalty going up.
  • Where Do They Go? Web Analytics for Success [Podcast] - Aug 14, 2010.
    Which parts of your Web site attract, retain or repel your prospects and customers? Knowing those answers can be a big difference in how you run your part of the world, but the sooner you find out, the better


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