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Angoss Predictive Analytics Suite 7.6

Features in-database analytics, market basket analysis and advanced data visualization enhancements.

Angoss TORONTO, Oct. 5, 2011 /PRNewswire/ Angoss Software Corporation today introduced new features to its predictive analytics software suite version 7.6 which includes KnowledgeSEEKER®, KnowledgeSTUDIO® and StrategyBUILDER™. The new features differentiate Angoss' In-Database Analytics capabilities for superior performance, integrity and security of data in massive parallel processing environments. Market Basket Analysis enables users to quickly find associations between groups of items. Data visualization enhancements further improve productivity and usability making predictive analytics accessible and easy to use for technical and business users.

In-Database Analytics extensions in version 7.6 include full support for all Decision Tree and Strategy Tree functionality in-database, including scoring and model validation. Enterprises can now score and validate predictive models using extremely large datasets and numbers of predictive variables within the database. The In-Database Analytics module has been extensively tested and optimized for use with Teradata®, Microsoft® SQL Server and Netezza™ databases.

"Angoss KnowledgeSEEKER and KnowledgeSTUDIO complement and extend Teradata's Integrated Analytics portfolio with new in-database capabilities for the business community," said Chris Twogood, Director of Product and Services Marketing, Teradata Corporation. "Decision Trees and Strategy Trees can be rapidly built directly on data stored in Teradata and then put into action by performing In-Database scoring using those models. Complete end-to-end modeling and scoring is enabled without data ever leaving the data warehouse."

For more information, visit www.angoss.com .

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