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KDnuggets™ News 11:n10, Apr 13

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  • New Poll: In how many competitions did you participate? - Apr 12, 2011.
    In how many analytics/data mining competitions did you participate in the past 12 months? Vote on www.kdnuggets.com
  • Poll Results: most popular R GUIs - Apr 11, 2011.
    This poll got huge participation from over 600 readers; the most popular R GUIs were: built-in console (40%), RStudio (24%), and Eclipse with StatET (16%). However RapidMiner R extension was the top GUI in Europe, and Rattle in AU/NZ.
  • LinkedIn Skills Survey - Apr 8, 2011.
    I found LinkedIn Skills useful, but with many holes. Data mining "skill", while declined by 1% vs last year, greatly dominates other related skills, like Predictive Analytics or Web Mining
  • Earn online MS in Predictive Analytics from NWU - Apr 12, 2011.
    enter a rapidly growing professional field armed with technical expertise and knowledge required for all aspects of data analysis, including advanced analytics, computer-based data mining, database management, financial analysis, predictive modeling, quantitative reasoning, web analytics and more.
  • 20% off on Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Books - Apr 6, 2011.
    from Chapman & Hall/CRC, including Automated Physical Database Design and Tuning, Mining Software Specifications: Methodologies and Applications, and Data Clustering in C++.
  • Report from Data 2.0 (KDnuggets Exclusive) - Apr 7, 2011.
    Data 2.0 just concluded Apr 4 in San Francisco, examined the growing importance of information accessibility in business, technology and society. $3 million Heritage Health Prize was launched, and top start-ups pitched to over 800 attendees.
  • Most viewed items for Apr 3-9 - Apr 10, 2011.
    New Poll: Which R GUI you use frequently?; R Reference Card for Data Mining;
    Top jobs: Software/Algorithms Engineer at Efficient Frontier, Sunnyvale, CA; Director, Data Analytics & Business Intelligence at a leading finance firm, Washington, DC area;

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  • Amazon EC2 configuration for scientific computing in Python and R - Apr 12, 2011.
    Drew Conway uploaded and made public the Amazon EC2 image, which includes several hundred Python and R packages for scientific computing, statistics, machine learning, data mining and visualization.
  • ICDM 2011 Data Mining Contest proposals due Apr 29 - Apr 12, 2011.
    The Data Mining Contest is an integral part of the ICDM conference and provides an opportunity for teams of scientists and domain experts to compete in order to develop data mining techniques for real-world applications.
  • The IEEE VAST Challenge Starts - Apr 11, 2011.
    The 3 challenges are: Geospatial: Characterization of an Epidemic Spread; Cybersecurity: Awareness in Computer Networks; Text Analytics: Investigation into Criminal Activity

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  • Call-For-Speakers: Predictive Analytics World NYC & London - Apr 12, 2011.
    Speakers proposals due Apr 25 for PAW NYC! Join Predictive Analytics World to share how predictive analytics delivers a business impact for your organization. It's an exciting time for PAW and predictive analytics in general, as reflected by a steadfast increase in both attendance and speaker proposals at each conference.



  • xkcd bad data mining: only green jelly beans cause acne - Apr 11, 2011.
    Data Mining 101: a great example of what not to do, by xkcd creator Randall Munroe
  • Curt Monash on Revolution Analytics - Apr 8, 2011.
    the company boasts around 100 customers, split about 70-30 between the workstation and the server options. It offers proprietary code and support, with with subscription pricing, for its version of open source R software, including parallelized algorithms for multi-core processors.

News Briefs

  • 2008 business information: 9.57 zettabytes - Apr 12, 2011.
    the annual business-related information processed in 2008 was equivalent to a 5.6-billion-mile-high stack of books from Earth to Neptune and back to Earth, repeated about 20 times a year.
  • HDC Patent for Data mining platform for knowledge discovery from heterogeneous data types - Apr 10, 2011.
    A data mining platform for generating an output comprising knowledge discovered from analysis of a plurality of data sets comprising heterogeneous data types or data from heterogeneous data sources, wherein the data points within the data sets comprise a plurality of descriptive features of varied relevance to knowledge discovery, the platform comprising: a computer system programmed to implement a plurality of modules stored within a system memory, each module adapted for processing one data type of the plurality of heterogeneous data types
  • Salford Systems Helps Forecast Alaska's Ecosystem in the 22nd Century - Apr 8, 2011.
    a 'climate envelope' approach was used to develop predictive models for distribution of the different modeling subjects at three future time-steps in the next century: 2030-2039, 2060- 2069, 2090-2099.
  • SAS joins with EMC and Teradata on fast analytics - Apr 8, 2011.
    New approach supports high-performance modeling and scoring against complete data sets, promising greater accuracy in predictive risk-analysis, fraud-detection and optimization scenarios.

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"The sensation of weightlessness feels nice," Yuri Gagarin to ground control, "Everything is swimming", Apr 12, 1961, during the first human flight to space.

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