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Report: Competitive advantage via text analytics

Text analytics report spotlights analytics as a source of competitive advantage in finance, pharmaceuticals, telecoms and others

Text analytics news User adoption of text analytics grew 25 per cent last year, creating an £635ml market, as more and more businesses look to harness customer "voices" on social networks.

Email, blogs, Twitter, Facebook and the like has created a pool of "noisy data" loaded with invaluable insight on customer attitudes and opinions.

Companies across a range of sectors, including financial services, telecommunications and energy are coming to appreciate the benefits of tapping into this fountain of knowledge.

Now more than ever businesses want to make fact-based decisions, grounded on the analysis of data from a variety of sources, to get a foothold on the competition.

"The important thing is to give true insight and intelligence... [For example] people want to know how customers compare one company with another." Themos Kalafatis

To support the emergent analytics market, Text Analytics News has put together a free 3000 word report , which looks into several of the key issues facing the industry right now. These include; customer wants' from text analytics, uptake and the future of the market.

The contributors for this free report are experts in their field and enjoy a broad and balanced perspective including:

  • Rene van Erk is CEO and founder, ISV World, a company using search, language and text analytics tools to generate the world's largest structured database. Previously he spent eight years with Microsoft.
  • Rosaria Silipo, an independent consultant, started analysing data during her postdoctoral program at the University of Berkeley. She has published many papers for conferences and journals, as well two books on data analysis.
  • Federico Cesconi is CEO of CustVox, a Switzerland-based company that helps organisations become more "customer intelligent." CustVox solutions measure customer experiences, relaying them continuously and in real-time.
  • Themos Kalafatis has worked as an independent consultant in predictive analytics for more than ten years and has applied solutions in telecoms, banking and many other industries.
In times of austerity, it is crucial that we focus on what makes financial sense. So this report centers on how text analytics can offer a source of commercial advantage to your business.

Please click here to download the free report.

For more information contact George Kiley at gkiley@fcbusinessintelligence.com, or Tel: +44 (0) 207 3757545

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