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KDnuggets™ News 12:n01, Jan 11

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  • Poll Results: Hottest Analytics / Data Mining Topics in 2012 - Jan 11, 2012.
    The biggest surprise is the lack of surprises here. The top 3 topics were Big Data, Analytics in the Cloud/Hadoop, and Social Analytics. Privacy was in the last place.
  • Predictive Analytics World March 4-10 2012 in San Francisco - Jan 10, 2012.
    PAW focuses on concrete examples of deployed predictive analytics - learn precisely how top practitioners deploy predictive modeling and what kind of business impact they get. Early Bird pricing ends soon.
  • Report: Competitive advantage via text analytics - Jan 9, 2012.
    Text analytics report spotlights analytics as a source of competitive advantage in finance, pharmaceuticals, telecoms and others
  • 5 Big Data Startups to Watch in 2012 - Jan 2, 2012.
    Why Cloudera, MapR, 10gen, and two others are worth watching in 2012
  • Top news, jobs in December - Jan 3, 2012.
    Top Analytics / Data Mining Stories in 2011; Growing your own data scientists; 5 Big Data predictions
    Top jobs: Decision Scientist at Microsoft; PRINCIPAL (Federal Finance/Analytics) at Booz Allen Hamilton.
  • Additions to KDnuggets in December - Jan 1, 2012.
    New datasets (OpenData), education (certificates), meetings, software (Text, Web Mining), solutions (Music discovery, Security, Sports)
  • Top news for Dec 25-31 - Jan 1, 2012.
    New Poll: Hottest analytics / data mining areas in 2012?; Breakthrough non-parametric exploration using MIC; Stat/ML Data Mining with GenIQ
    Top jobs: Senior Analyst at US Treasury, FinCEN; Associate Prof. Knowledge Mining, TU Darmstadt.

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  • Data Mining Lessons from "Moneyball" - Jan 10, 2012.
    The "Moneyball" book/movie was a source of numerous and familiar "lessons" about data mining - but couched in the less familiar context of major league baseball.
  • New Book: Statistical and Machine-Learning Data Mining, by Bruce Ratner - Dec 29, 2011.
    It is the only book, to date, that distinguishes between statistical data mining and machine-learning data mining. The book explains GenIQ Model, a machine-learning alternative to statistical regression.
  • Book: Spectral Feature Selection for Data Mining - Dec 28, 2011.
    introduces a novel feature selection technique that establishes a general platform for studying existing feature selection algorithms and developing new algorithms for emerging problems in real-world applications.

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Some day answers (correct answers!) will be so cheap that the really valuable things will be questions. A really good question will be worth a thousand correct answers.

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