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Additions to KDnuggets in December

New datasets (OpenData), education (certificates), meetings, software (Text, Web Mining), solutions (Music discovery, Security, Sports)

New entries for companies, datasets, education, meetings, publications, software, solutions.

In Datasets

In Education » Certificates

In Education » USA/Canada

In Meetings

In Software » Text Analysis, Text Mining and Information Retrieval

  • Clustify, groups related documents into clusters, providing an overview of the document set and aiding with categorization.

In Software » Web Content Mining, Screen scraping

  • Trapit, system for personalizing content based on keywords, URLs and reading habits.

In Software » Web Mining and Web Usage Mining

  • A1WebStats, see individual details about each website visitor, including company names, keywords, referrers, and a lot more. Free trial for 30 days.

In Solutions » Fraud Detection

  • CPA Detective offers a sophisticated real-time fraud detection solution that evaluates the digital forensics of each visitor and returns the probability of fraud before buying, selling, or fulfilling on a lead or sale.

In Solutions

In Solutions » Misic Data Mining and Discovery

  • seevl.net, discover music you will love on Youtube.

In Solutions » Security and Intelligence

  • QinetiQ Knowledge Discovery Appliance, provides timely intelligence by real-time processing of high volumes of data using an iterative learning engine that evaluates context based on attributes and associations to determine relevancy and value of data.

In Solutions » Sports and Entertainment

  • Powerrank ranks teams and forecasts the outcome of future games based on academic research in statistical physics.

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