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 September: Global (Virtual)
 September: Americas/Online
 September: Europe
 September: Europe
  • 15-16 Sep, ODSC APAC, free pass available for a limited time only on a first come first serve basis. Online.



 October: Global (Virtual)
  • Oct 6-7, TransformX AI Conference, with 100+ speakers including Andrew Ng, Fei-fei Li, free and open to the public. Virtual.
  • Oct 12-14, Google Cloud Next '21, a global digital experience. Online.
  • Oct 20-22, AI DIET World, where DIET stands for Data, Diversity, Inclusion, Impact, Ethics, Equity, Teams and Technology. Online.

 October: Americas/Online
 October: Asia
  • 20-21 Oct, The MarTech Summit Bangkok, Converging Marketing & Technology for a Winning Future. Bangkok, Thailand.
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 October: Europe


 November: Global (Virtual)
  • Nov 8-11, NVIDIA GTC, the Conference for AI Innovators, Technologists, and Creators. Virtual.

 November: Americas/Online
 November: Europe and Middle East/Online


 December: Americas
 December: Asia and APAC
 December: Europe

2021 January

 January: Europe
  • 24-28 Jan, EGC 2022, 22ème conférence francophone sur l'Extraction et la Gestion des Connaissances. Blois, France.



 February: Americas
 February: Europe





2022 May


2022 June

 June: Americas
  • Jun 19-24, Machine Learning Week, bringing together industry-specific Predictive Analytics World conferences: PAW for Business, PAW for Financial Services, PAW for Industry 4.0, PAW for Healthcare, PAW for Climate, and Deep Learning World. Las Vegas, NV, USA.


2022 July

 July: Americas/Online


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