Web Mining and Web Usage Mining Software

Web Mining Software: commercial | free, open-source

  • 11Ants Model Builder, mine your web usage data in Excel. Powerful but simple to use data mining tool.
  • A1WebStats, see individual details about each website visitor, including company names, keywords, referrers, and a lot more. Free trial for 30 days.
  • AlterWind Log Analyzer Professional, website statistics package for professional webmasters, with standard log analyzer features and unique features for SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and website promotion.
  • Amadea Web Mining, includes multiple transformations, reports, and parametric and modular marketing indicators for an effective CRM.
  • ANGOSS KnowledgeWebMiner, combines ANGOSS KnowledgeSTUDIO with proprietary algorithms for clickstream analysis, Acxiom Data Network, and interfaces to web log reporting tools.
  • Affinium NetInsight, Unica enterprise-class web analytics.
  • ClickTracks, displays visitor patterns directly on the pages of your website.
  • ConversionTrack from Antssoft, web log analysis and reports on visitor conversion ratios.
  • Download Analyzer can track visitors, hits, downloads, referring sites and search phrases, and providw traffic analysis data for web promotion and search engine optimization.
  • Megaputer WebAnalyst, integrates the data and text mining capabilities of Megaputer's analytical software directly into your website.
  • Nihuo Web Log Analyzer, provides a comprehensive analysis of the "who, what, when, where and how" of customers visited your web site.
  • SAS Webhound, analyzes Web site traffic to answer questions like: who is visiting; how long do they stay? What are they looking at?
  • SPSS Web Mining for Clementine enables you to extract Web events, including online campaign results, and use this online behavior in Clementine's predictive modeling environment.
  • Surf Pattern Visual Analyzer, Web navigation visual link analysis tools showing web page viewing patterns of a web-site.
  • The Data Miner, a tool for automating web data extraction and manipulation.
  • WebLog Expert 2.0 for Windows, an easy-to-use and feature packed web log analyzer.
  • WebTrends, a suite for Data Mining of web traffic information.
  • XAffinity(TM), for identifying affinities or patterns in transaction and click stream data
  • 123LogAnalyzer, simple to use, high-speed processing, low disk space requirements, filtering, and built-in IP mapping.

Web Mining Software: other sites

Web Mining Software: free and open-source

  • AlterWind Log Analyzer Lite, quickly generates all traditional reports, supporting 430+ search engines from 120 different countries.
  • Analog (from Dr. Stephen Turner), a free and fast program to analyse the web server logfiles (Win, Unix, more)
  • jwanalytics, a Java utility for the storage of information in a dimensional model, useful for storing Web Analytics data for Java web applications; Web real time data mining functionality being built.
  • htminer, support analysis of web logs (including unique visitors, sessions, transactions); organises the data in a PostgreSQL data warehouse.
  • Visitator, Clustering and visual presentation of visitor groups based on access patterns.
  • WUM: Web Utilization Miner, an integrated, Java-based Web mining environment for log file preparation, basic reporting, discovery of sequential patterns and visualization.