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9 more companies putting a cloud spin on big data

GigaOm reviews cloud-based Big Data offerings from Cetas, DNAnexus, Google, Infochimps, Kognitio, Google, Medio, Metamarkets, Microsoft, and Xignite.


GigaOm, By Derrick Harris, Mar 16, 2012

... These companies providing access to big data resources or analytics engines from which customers can draw their own conclusions.

Cetas Cetas: Cetas is a stealth-mode startup focused on providing an entire analytics stack in the cloud (or on-premise, if a customer prefers). The driving theory is to let companies running web applications get the types of user analytics that Facebook and Google are able to get, only without the teams of expensive engineers and data scientists ...

Google: Google has a multi-pronged strategy on cloud-based big data services, but the two services that stand out most are BigQuery and the Google Prediction API. Google describes BigQuery, available in limited preview now, as a service that "allows you to run SQL-like queries against very large datasets, with potentially billions of rows. ... BigQuery works best for interactive analysis of very large datasets, typically using a small number of very large, append-only tables." The Google Prediction API is just what it sounds like, a service that puts machine-learning and pattern-detection capabilities in developers' hands so they can analyze application data for things such as sentiment analysis, system analytics and recommendation engines.

Infochimps: Once a startup focused on its data marketplace, Infochimps has morphed into a provider of big data infrastructure as a service that provides its marketplace data as a value-added feature. Describing the new Infochimps Platform in February, I wrote,

"The platform is hosted in the AWS cloud and supports Hadoop, various analytical tools on top of that - including Apache Pig and Infochimps' own Wukong (a Ruby framework for Hadoop) - and a variety of relational and NoSQL databases."
But the key is the platform's automated nature, which CEO Joe Kelly hopes "will help answer the question of 'what does a Heroku for big data look like?'"

Kognitio is an analytic database vendor that offers a wholly cloud-based version of its flagship WX2 database, called Kognitio Cloud. It has attracted customers such as Orbitz with its in-memory technology ...

Medio: Medio offers an end-to-end suite of cloud-based capabilities, under the inGenius platform banner for analyzing user information. It's inSight product lets developers tune applications to capture certain data from users, but inTeract is the predictive analytics engine. ...

Metamarkets: Metamarkets (see disclosure) is a cloud-based analytics engine designed to help users understand behavior on their websites. ...

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