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Precog platform for building big data applications

Precog provides cloud-based infrastructure to store, enrich, and analyze big data via API-oriented infrastructure that enables developers of web, desktop, and mobile applications to solve big data problems. Precog also lets customers use its next-generation visualization engine separately from its analytics DB.


Precog ReportGrid, a privately held company based in Boulder, Colo., has today unveiled the Precog platform (/www.precog.io) that enables developers to rapidly build big data applications without dealing with low-level big data challenges. As part of this launch, ReportGrid will be phasing out the ReportGrid name and has rebranded the company as Precog.

The Precog platform offers an end-to-end solution for programmatic big data analysis: from capture and storage, to cleaning and enrichment, to deep analysis designed to power intelligent, insightful features inside applications. Precog can be used to power any application that needs big data analytics, including business intelligence tools.

"Big data is hard to get right," explained Chief Executive Officer John A. De Goes. "Developers need to learn Hadoop, Map Reduce, and a host of related technologies, all fraught with complexity. Precog offers a compelling alternative: Rather than dealing with the difficulties and intricacies of those technologies, developers can simply call our APIs and store their big data in our cloud environment. We handle all the 'big data magic' needed to efficiently store, process, and analyze big data, thereby delivering enormous savings in time, cost, and maintenance. Precog releases developers from the low- level details of their big data needs and let's them focus on functionality -- it's a natural evolution from Hadoop and other low-level technologies."

Precog Charts Data capture and storage is handled by PrecogDB, a shared-nothing, columnar, multi-structured data store designed specifically for high-end analytics, statistics, and predictive modeling. Precog's API makes it easy to load PrecogDB with data from third-party sources, including external APIs (Twitter, Facebook, SalesForce), CSV files, websites, and transactional data stored in existing databases (SQL, Hadoop, MongoDB).

Precog is releasing an open source distribution of PrecogDB later this year. "We believe in open source and open standards -- all of our engineers are major contributors to open source," De Goes said. Precog is also releasing open source client libraries designed to make it easier to use the Precog API.

The Precog platform is currently in private alpha, and moves to private beta at the end of March, with public beta and wide launch expected to follow in June and July.

For more information, visit www.precog.io and www.reportgrid.com/charts/ .

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