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KDnuggets™ News 12:n06, Mar 8

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  • Data miners think Target was not wrong to use analytics to find pregnant women - Mar 7, 2012.
    Was Target wrong in using analytics to identify pregnant women from changes in their buying behavior ? Only 17% of data miners think so. Increased accuracy of big data analytics feels "creepy" when a big corporation knows too much about us. If understanding without empathy leads to "creepiness", should we prepare for a creepy future?
  • Data Mining: Does Online Privacy Matter? - Mar 3, 2012.
    Talk of the Nation addresses the issue of data mining and privacy in light of Google changing its online privacy on March 1. Now, Google has one privacy policy and can use integrate users data across its services.
  • Strata 2012: Big Data is Bigger than Ever! - Mar 3, 2012.
    Daniel Tunkelang reports on three days at the O'Reilly Strata Conference, an assembly of two thousand people focused on data science and its applications.
  • Top news for Feb 26 - Mar 3 - Mar 4, 2012.
    New Poll: Was Target wrong in using analytics?; Stephen Colbert on Target Analytics; Analytics/DM Salary
    Top jobs: Data Scientist at Inkiru; Data Mining Scientist at Apple.
  • Top news, jobs in February - Mar 1, 2012.
    Top influencers in Big Data, Analytics, Data Mining; Poll: Analytics/DM Salary; Weave open-source data viz; Gartner MQ for BI
    Top jobs: Data Science Positions for PhDs/PHD students from top schools at Accretive Health; Data Mining Scientist at Apple.
  • Additions to KDnuggets in February - Mar 1, 2012.
    An explosion of business-oriented meetings on Big Data and Analytics. Also new companies, datasets, education, books, software, solutions, and websites.

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  • Precog platform for building big data applications - Mar 2, 2012.
    Precog provides cloud-based infrastructure to store, enrich, and analyze big data via API-oriented infrastructure that enables developers of web, desktop, and mobile applications to solve big data problems. Precog also lets customers use its next-generation visualization engine separately from its analytics DB.
  • AntMiner+ classification algorithm freely available - Feb 28, 2012.
    AntMiner+ is a classification technique based on the principles of Ant Colony Optimization. Software is freely available at www.antminerplus.com.
  • Infochimps Platform for Big Data - Feb 28, 2012.
    The Infochimps Platform is end-to-end Big Data solution, complete with infrastructure and expertise. Scalably and affordably ingest data from your legacy databases, data feeds, data from the web, or our Data Marketplace.
  • Opt-Out Provision Would Halt Some, but Not All, Web Tracking - Feb 29, 2012.
    The ad & technology industries would support a "Do Not Track" mechanism in browsers that would allow consumers to opt out of having some companies, but not all, keep data on their online activities.


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"Everybody is a Data Scientist", Venkatesh Rao in Forbes, describing Strata 2012 Feb conference.

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